Since it is difficult to prove how much time was spent on research, you do not pay any hourly rates.

You only pay for the actual dates of birth, marriage or death, always accompanied by a photograph.

The price is 150 CZK for finding a record.

The price list for an idea.

The price will always be lower because not everything can be found.

Pricelist Family Tree

data supplied by the client to the project birth, marriage, death, livelihood free
data tracked for the client birth, marriage, death 150 CZK
livelihood, identification of a person without data 50 CZK
data traced for a client abroad birth, marriage, death, livelihood by agreement
consultation with clients free
research in the archives of the Czech Republic (consulted in advance with the client) travel costs 7 CZK/km
accommodation costs according to the situation
administrative costs at registry offices according to the situation
searching directly in the archives 300 CZK/hour
digital form of genealogical research free
printed form of genealogical research according to the printed format A4 sheet 20 CZK
A3 sheet 50 CZK
A2 sheet 100 CZK
printed family tree according to the printed format A4 sheet 200 CZK
A3 sheet 300 CZK
larger than A3 according to the press service
drawn family tree ink larger than A3 4000 CZK
ink+colour larger than A3 5000 CZK
photo retouching and correction via automated software 50 CZK
colorization of an already retouched photo via automated software 50 CZK
photo retouching and correction via specialised software 500 CZK