Genealogical ancester chart

Usually the most common form of search, so-called after the sword and after the horsetail.

We are looking for ancestors of the initial person in all lines - paternal and maternal.

It records the ancestors in the sequence who participated in the procreation of the initial person.

The number of people in a given outlet doubles with each generation traced.


Family lineage

Surname and origin of the family. Includes the father and his wife up to the founder of the family.

Search for the line of father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc., or for the female line of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc.


Genealogical descendant chart

From the earliest traced ancestor to the present.

Either we follow one surname and include only persons bearing that surname.

Or we follow descendants regardless of surname in the male or female line.


Family tree

Through the paternal line with siblings to the founder of the family.

A common surname and blood relationship are the hallmarks.

Kind of all in one.