Determine your default person.

It is good to know the person's date and place of birth or place of marriage.

It is perfect if you have, for example, a birth, marriage or death certificate and other documents such as an education certificate or school document.


If this initial person is born after 1950, it is also necessary to have data on the parents.

If the initial person is born in the period 1910-1950, it is good to have a copy of the civil registration.

If the initial person was born before 1910, even just the date and place of birth is sufficient.


Access to civil registers is possible without restriction only after the expiry of legal deadlines, which is why it is sometimes necessary to search in so-called living civil registers.

In such a situation, it is necessary to contact the competent registry office, which you can do yourself or I can arrange this for you on the basis of a certified power of attorney.

The acquisition of information is subject to a time limit of 100 years from the birth, 75 years from the marriage and 30 years from the death of the person sought.


After mutual agreement and possible conclusion of a contract (it is up to you) it is possible to start the actual search.

The deadline is 120 days as a standard, adjustments are possible upon agreement.

You do not pay any deposits in advance, you pay only after the work is done.

Only if it is necessary to work directly in the archives, a deposit is required - see pricelist.


In case of incorporation of existing photos into your "family tree", please prepare them for sending, or you can send them scanned.

Photographs can be cleaned or colourised - see pricelist.


If you have already created some part of your "family tree", you can check the data or find other records.


The output of the work is generated by the genealogical software in paper form, usually in A4 or A3 format.

Alternatively, it is possible to insert the "family tree" into graphic templates - see examples.

Larger formats - see pricelist.


As the last I offer the possibility of hand-painted family trees - see pricelist.


Delivery of the ordered product via freight forwarding services, in case of personal delivery the travel costs are added.